Make Sure You Change The Locks In Your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting and fun.  You probably are trying to figure out where to put your furniture and what you are going to do with that great rug you have.  Don’t listen to people that may tell you that you don’t need to change the locks, this is the first thing that you are going to want to do. This is so important and a very big thing for you.  Even if you trust and knew the previous owners, you don’t know who they are going to give keys too and who they gave them to in the past.

Calling a professional Locksmiths Nottingham so that they can change the locks for you is important. If you don’t want to pay them to fully change the locks, you can have them just change the tumbler and make you new keys.  This is good, but you may want to change out the entire lock based on the stability of it.  If this lock is old, get rid of it and get a new one so that you know it is going to hold. You are going to want to do this many times in the lifetime of your home ownership, so why not start out on the right foot?

Keeping Your Valuables Safe With A Safe

images-2The typical homeowner has many things of value inside their home including things like jewelry and gold, but also important documents that need safe-keeping. One of the security elements that can be placed inside a home is a safe. Many local Chester Locksmith engage in safe-making or lock-making for safes. They will also sell various brand name safes and an install them into a home. Safes can also be custom-made and then installed in various secret hideaways. If you have ever seen a safe hidden in a wall behind a picture, that type of safe can be installed and maintained by a qualified Chester locksmith. They can also utilize various lock mechanisms such as the typical combination lock but also more modern technology like key pad entry systems and even biometric readers.

The Value Of A Great Locksmith

In the course of a lifetime, there will come a time where you will need the services of a locksmith. It may be as simple as getting locked out of your car or home, or you may require some other more intensive services that involve changing locks or re-keying. Regardless, you may be unaware of all of the things that locksmiths can do.

Emergency Service

Locksmith Manchester do a lot work in so-called emergencies, especially those where someone has locked themselves out of a car or house. The typical locksmith is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will handle these types of calls at all hours. If you were out for the evening and locked the keys in your car or lost them, a locksmith is always ready, no matter the hour, to come out and get you into your vehicle and get it started so you can make it home. The same holds true for anyone locked out of a home or business. A locksmith can figure out the best way to open the lock and gain access.

Key Making

One of the skills that a locksmith learns is how to make keys. In today’s age of modern technology, this is becoming somewhat easier but still requires the knowledge of a professional. Locksmiths use the latest in key cutting technology to make replacement keys for cars and trucks as well as for your home. If you have ever lost keys, you know the importance of getting new ones made. A professional locksmith can help.

New Locks

If you have lost the keys to your home or your home has been burglarized, you may wish to change all of your locks. A quick call to your local locksmith can help to ensure the safety and security of you, your family, and your home. A professional can come in and have all of your old locks removed and new ones installed very quickly. Replacing locks and making new keys is one of the locksmith’s primary tasks.

Landlord Services

For those that own rental properties, you may want to have a locksmith on speed dial. When tenants move out and new ones move in, it is imperative that you have the locks replaced and new keys made. It’s really an inexpensive job that will insure the safety and security of your property. If you had any problems with a previous tenant, you do not want that person having access to your property. Even if you did not, you and your new tenant should be the only ones with keys.

Security Systems

Many people might not realize that Locksmith Bristol also provide help with security and alarm systems. Since locks help provide security to a home, it only makes sense that locksmiths to a step further and work with burglar alarms and security systems. Locksmiths are well-versed in how to layout, set up, and install a home security system. After installing a system, a locksmith can also service the system should there ever be any difficulties.

Keypad Entry Systems

Some homes, especially for those who are maybe a little more security conscious, may have gates that allow access to their properties. Many of these gated homes will have some sort of security device to allow family, guests, and visitors to enter the property. A keypad entry system is one such device. Locksmiths have the skills to install these as well. Any family member, or guest, would have to use a code to be punched in on the keypad to access the property at the gate. This is another security measure in which locksmiths are knowledgeable.

Safe Installation

Every homeowner has some things of value that they like to keep locked away for safe-keeping. These items might be documents such as passports and they may be other valuables like cash and jewelry. Whatever the items, a homeowner might require a safe. Locksmiths are very skilled in the installation and maintenance of home safes. From standard safes to those that are custom made, a locksmith can make sure your home safe does what it is supposed to – keep your valuables safe.

Commercial Work For Banks

Banks and other financial institutions are, of course, highly concerned about security. They will have all sorts of locking mechanisms for vaults and various rooms inside their facilities. Locksmiths service things like safe deposit boxes, vault doors, time locks, and teller equipment. Financial institutions are one business that surely uses locksmiths frequently.

Commercial Work For Retail Establishments

Retail businesses, whether a clothing shop or a restaurant, also provide commercial work to Croydon locksmiths. These businesses are concerned with security just as banks are. They have much to lose not only in the form of money, but also in their inventory. It is imperative that would-be burglars cannot easily gain access. Locksmiths will install and maintain any locks, vaults, and safes that may exist. They can also install security systems, including closed-circuit television, that can help the business should there be a break-in.

Apartment Complexes

Locksmiths work with apartment complexes on a variety of security measures. These measures may include gate access to the grounds of the property, which could involve a keypad entry system or keycard entry system. Most complexes will require you to gain access to the building via a keypad or keycard and then there will be access to the actual apartment. That could be via a keycard, keypad, or a traditional lock and key. Regardless, the services of a good locksmith are necessary to help operate an apartment complex.

Hotels And Motels

Similar to apartment complexes, hotels and motels require the services of locksmiths for a variety of their skills. There will be various security measures including entry to the buildings and rooms. Normally, most hotels utilize keycards for their ease of use. Locksmiths may also be contracted to set up and maintain security systems within hotels. Closed circuit television and cameras as well as other electronic security measures require a great deal of expertise. Locksmiths have the skills necessary to handle such jobs.

The Latest Technology

Locksmiths are always on the cutting edge of security measures whether for home or business use. They can install intercom systems for gated communities or homes. They can also install them for businesses. Some of the newest technology involves the use of fingerprint readers. This technology is slowly making its way into the mainstream and, of course, locksmiths are making sure that they have the training and knowledge to install and maintain them. Fingerprint readers are typically used in medium to high security installations to gain access. They are just another of the many new advances that locksmiths are studying.

Becoming A Locksmith

The primary method of becoming a locksmith usually involves an apprenticeship. On the job training is the best form of teaching and learning the skills of a locksmith. An apprentice works with an experienced locksmith until he, or she, has mastered the requisite skills. There may be some classroom training involved and there are some courses available at locksmithing schools, but for the most part, training is learned by doing. Depending on the depth of the training, it may take an apprentice up to four years to fully grasp all of the skills needed to complete the job. Additional training may be needed for things like security systems, closed circuit monitors, and other new technologies.

History Of Locksmiths

Locksmithing traces back to the days of blacksmiths, who worked with steel and metal. The blacksmith was the one who crafted weapons, armor, and horseshoes during the Middle Ages. As the use of locks increased, a separate person who worked making just locks and keys became necessary, thus the locksmith was born. As technology expanded through the 1700s, locks changed as well. They were being built more for security and not just appearance. With the Industrial Revolution, locks could now be mass produced and the locksmith could now spend time doing things other than just making locks. Nowadays, the same holds true. Locksmiths are able to engage in many other security-related activities, such as home security systems and emergency assistance.


Locksmiths provide many valuable services. From their early days as blacksmiths working with metal and steel, to their current status as home security experts, having a good locksmith is always a plus. They can install and make keys for all of the locks in your home. They can install and maintain any home safes that you may have. With everything secure inside, they are adept at setting up and installing home security systems. While no system is guaranteed to keep everyone out, a home security system will ward off even experienced burglars. Not only can locksmiths take care of homes, they also service businesses as well. From keycards to keypads, they can help protect access to certain businesses. They work with banks and other financial institutions and even have the ability to set up intricate security systems. Becoming a locksmith requires a lot of training and continuing training as they always seem to be on the cutting edge of new technology.